Brussels helps: helping each other during the corona crisis

What can you do to help other Brusselers? And how can you ask for help yourself?
We help to bring people together through “Brussels helps”.

Nederlandstalige versie - Version en français

What kind of help can you offer or ask?

  • Doing groceries
  • Providing medicines  
  • Social contact: writing letters, making phone calls  
  • Animal care: walking the dog,
  • … 

How can you help?

In your neighbourhood

First help the people in your direct environment (neighbours, family, friends).

In Brussels

Sign up for volunteering on Brussels helps. There, you will see for what we are currently looking for volunteers.

Other initiatives

See which other initiatives you can help at the bottom of this page.

Sign up as Brussels helps volunteer

What happens after signing up?

  1. We will look for a request that matches your profile. 
  2. We will provide you with the information needed to assist.
  3. You get into contact with the person assigned to you. 

Do you need assistance?

Let us know what kind of assistance you need. Your request will be treated confidentially.
Request assistance.

What happens after your request?

  1. We will look for a matching volunteer.
  2. We will provide the volunteer with your coordinates. You will get the volunteer’s coordinates. 
  3. We will ask the volunteer to contact you.

What do you have to pay attention to when offering help?

Protect yourself and the other while helping out:

  • Make your arrangements by telephone or via the internet.
  • You strictly observe all the corona precautions.

More information about coronavirus

Get free insurance

The insurance for volunteers of the ‘Vlaams steunpunt voor Vrijwillgerswerk’ (Flemish centre for volunteering) has been extended to anyone who wants to help others during the corona crisis. This way, you are insured for civil liability, legal aid and physical damage. Read more about the Insurance for volunteers during the corona crisis.

Help other initiatives

  • Steunpunt Vrijwilligerswerk (the Volunteer Support Center) bundles various initiatives in Brussels which are looking for volunteers. This page is only in Dutch.
  • UZ Brussel needs LOTS of helping hands and every help is very much appreciated. Register as a volunteer at UZ Brussel.
  • Do you have experience in healthcare? Iriscare creates a pool of voluntary professional care providers. Subscribe to Iriscare.
  • The foodbanks are also looking for extra volunteers.
  • Growfunding is making its platform freely available for solidarity campaigns throughout Belgium. You can submit a project and raise money for those affected by the crisis.

Online platform Give a Day

‘Brussels helps’ may use the Give a Day platform free of charge. Give a Day connects citizens, schools, non-profits, municipalities and businesses, and gives them the tools and the desire to tackle societal challenges through voluntary commitment.