Call for projects | Offer the people of Brussels the ideal staycation

The measures taken to fight the COVID-19 pandemic are having an enormous impact on the people of Brussels’ daily life. This will continue to be the case during the summer holiday. More people will have to stay at home.

So the Flemish Community Commission (VGC) plans to organize an adapted and additional range of holiday options. Options that meet the staycation needs of Brussels residents. We aim to offer the population of the city opportunities to come together to relax, do sport, play and more. Initiators who develop a range of cultural, youth or sports activities to this end can obtain support from the VGC.

After the call for projects Staycation BXL has been closed, no fewer than 179 staycation projects in total are planned that will provide the inhabitants of Brussels with an unforgettable staycation. They provide an exciting offer that matches one or more of the following themes: ‘fun in your neighbourhood’, ‘artistic fun’, ‘digital fun’, ‘senior fun’ and ‘small fun’. The projects are spread across all municipalities of the Brussels Region. Curious about the approved staycation projects? Discover the interesting offer of the first round and the surprising offer of the second round.

Do you receive support from the VGC for your project as part of Staycation BXL?
Be sure to use the Staycation BXL logo and #staycationBXL in all your communications. You will find the logo at the bottem.
You must submit a substantive and financial report no later than 3 months after the end of your initiative. The report must be completed in Dutch.