Together for Brussels

About us

The Flemish Community Commission (VGC) is the base and the hub of the Flemish community in the Brussels Capital Region, and is there for everyone who wishes to connect to the Dutch-speaking network in Brussels. The VGC is the government body responsible for urban policy, culture, youth, sport, education, training, student affairs, well-being, health and the family.

It wants to enhance the quality of life in the city in several domains. It therefore develops and supports an open Dutch-speaking network of services and activities in all its areas of competence. The Flemish Community Commission also wants to offer new opportunities to certain target groups.

In 2015, the Flemish Community Commission introduced the N-Brussel logo. A visual identity and a common logo for the VGC and the entire Dutch-speaking network in the Brussels Capital Region. N-Brussel is a guide to what is available in Dutch in the region, and serves as a quality label.

As the Dutch-speaking government in Brussels, the VGC communicates mainly in Dutch. That is why the rest of this website is in Dutch.

What N-Brussel has to offer

You wish to learn, experience culture, do sports, play, relax, live, work, study, be healthy, go to school, take care of your family in Brussels.

Subsidies and services for schools, organizations, citizens, etc.

You are looking for financial, material or other support and services for your project, activity or organization.

About us

The VGC is the base and hub of the Flemish community in the Brussels Capital Region. It is open to everyone who wishes to connect to it.