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Welcome to the official website of the Flemish Community Commission (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie - VGC). The VGC is a body that supports and develops a Dutch-speaking network in Brussels. Its aim is to provide everyone in Brussels with better schools, education, more cultural and leisure-time activities and proper care.

Who are we?

The Flemish Community Commission is the cornerstone and hub of the Flemish Community within the Brussels-Capital Region and for anyone who wishes to be associated with it.

What do we do?

The Flemish Community Commission (VGC) wants to enhance quality of life in the city at several levels. To do so, it develops and supports an open Dutch-speaking network of services and facilities across all the areas within its remit. The VGC also wishes to offer people new opportunities.
As an authority in Brussels, the Flemish Community Commission is responsible for cultural, educational and person-related matters (well-being and health). For these community matters, the VGC has the competence of organising body.

The Executive

The Dutch-speaking members of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region make up the Executive of the VGC. The Executive sets the policy of the Flemish Community Commission and lays down its policy options and the relevant financial resources in various policy documents.
The Executive is supported by the VGC Administration.

Members of the Executive

The Executive seats Ministers Guy Vanhengel and Pascal Smet and State Secretary Bianca Debaets.

Chairman of the Executive Guy Vanhengel
Minister Guy Vanhengel is responsible for Education, including Further Education and Extracurricular Programmes, Vocational Training, Student Matters, Playgrounds, Community Schools, Language Stimulation, Finance and Budget and Communication and IT.

Member of the Executive Pascal Smet
Minister Pascal Smet is responsible for Culture, Youth, Sports, Community Centres, Urban Policy, including the Neighbourhood Contracts Programme, Media, Measure and Know and Buildings and Patrimony, including Facility.

Member of the Executive Bianca Debaets
State Secretary Bianca Debaets is responsible for Well-being, Health, Family, Equal Opportunities, Integration, Poverty, Integrated Youth Assistance, Parenting Support and Public Administration.

As a Brussels member of the Flemish Government, Minister Sven Gatz attends the meetings of the Executive in an advisory capacity.

What will you find on this website?

This website offers you the following information in Dutch.

  • In the section Over de VGC (About the VGC) we explain the workings of the VGC as an organisation, including the VGC policy.
  • The section Aanbod (Offer) contains extensive information about learning, leisure activities, living or growing up in Brussels. The VGC works with numerous Dutch-speaking organisations in Brussels. On this website you will find details of their offer.
  • The section Ondersteuning (Support) gives you an overview of the dienstverlening (services) and subsidies the VGC offers Dutch-speaking organisations in Brussels.