For newcomers

Buddy project

If you take part in CoNnect Brussel, we will match you up based on your needs and interests with a buddy to do fun things together. This way, you will discover the city together with someone who knows Brussels well and who will provide you with support.

Two meetings a month

You will see each other at least twice a month over six months. 

You are completely free to choose what you will do together

  • meet new people
  • find out more about the leisure time activities available in your neighbourhood
  • get involved as a volunteer in a Brussels organization
  • practice your Dutch
  • go for walks or bike rides in the city
  • together, find your way to various services available
  • exchange tips about Brussels

It is important for it to be a nice experience for each of you. You will get together during your free time. 

For newcomers who are participating in an integration trajectory  

  • You live in Brussels.
  • You are over 18.
  • You are currently taking part in an integration trajectory with bon - Agentschap Integratie en Inburgering (Flemish Agency for Integration).

Discover Brussels together with your buddy 

  • You will have a chance to discover Brussels together with your buddy, who offers you support, listens to you and with whom you will do fun things.
  • You can take part in group activities and excursions free of charge. Non-binding. The more participants, the better.
  • You will receive a welcome package with useful information.
  • You can always contact our project staff for information or assistance.


After you have registered, you will get a phone call from one of our two project staff members, Janne or Fatima. She will provide you with the information you need and listen to what you are interested in.