Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for a subsidy?

The VGC can award a subsidy for this call to

  • an individual
  • an organisation (non-profit association or actual association)
  • a public administration or an institution

The project holder must have a clear and proven link with the Brussels-Capital Region.

How much grant can I apply for?

The VGC grants up to 15.000 euro per project. Small-scale initiatives for a lower subsidy amount are also eligible.

Indicate in which category you are submitting a project:

  • Category 1: projects up to 5.000 euro
  • Category 2: projects up to 15.000 euro

Can I submit several initiatives?

Yes, an initiator can submit an application for several initiatives. However, only one application per initiative may be submitted.

In which language can I submit a project application?

Project applications must be submitted in Dutch.

Which projects are not eligible?

Projects with purely commercial objectives are not eligible.

Projects that only have a link with regional competences and no link with community competences (Culture, Youth, Sports, Education, Training, Playgrounds, Welfare, Health, Family, Integration and Urban Policy) are not eligible.

How will my project be evaluated?

The jury evaluates the project applications on the basis of these criteria:

  • The extent to which your project fits in with the theme and with at least one of the content clusters of the call for proposals;
  • The participative approach, the extent to which your target group participates in the development of your project (co-ownership) and the extent to which your partnerships reflect the population of Brussels;
  • The extent to which your initiative takes into account Brussels residents in a vulnerable situation;
  • The sustainability of your project: the extent to which your project has a lasting impact or continues beyond the project period, or the attention you pay to social sustainability;
  • The realistic and complete project proposal (for example: step-by-step plan, description of expected results, timing and budget).

When will I know whether my project will get a subsidy?

The VGC will decide by the end of 2023 at the latest.

How do I get my subsidy?

After the VGC's decision, we pay out the subsidies for Bruss-it in one instalment.

Will there be another call for projects?

In principle, we repeat the call and people we are repeating the call and you still get the chance to submit a project application.

How much time do I have to execute my project?

Your project must be realised within 24 months after the VGC granted the subsidy. If you exceed this time limit, the VGC will ask for all or part of the amount back.

For which costs can I use the subsidy?

The grant is not meant to support the regular operations of your organisation. You can only use the project grant for the project for which you receive it. We only accept costs that are necessary for the successful completion of your project.

Can I make use of the free volunteer insurance of the Flemish government if I organise an activity with volunteers as part of my project?

This is possible, even if your non-profit organisation or de facto association is based in the Brussels Capital Region (the organisation's working language must be Dutch). The insurance is particularly interesting for occasional initiatives involving volunteers who are less well protected by law, such as a neighbourhood committee. It insures volunteers for civil liability, legal aid and physical accidents. Find out more about the free volunteer insurance of the Flemish government.

Do I have to submit a report?

At the latest three months after the project, you submit a substantive and financial report. The financial report gives an overview of all the expenses you made for your project. You do not have to submit invoices or bank statements, but do keep them. We may ask you for them later.