Working together to create Brussels

VGC Multi-year plan

Bekijk hoe buurtbewoners, lokale organisaties  en Logo Brussel samenwerken om de woonkwaliteit en gezondheid in de wijk te verbeteren.
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This was N-Brussel in 2022

Sports and games in the city
Playcation, Stadskriebels and the playgroups make Brussels a city for children.

Edible neighbourhood greenery brings people together 
In the Ter Ursulinen neighbourhood garden, local residents and organisations grow fruit and vegetables, children learn to eat healthily and older persons meet one another.

Will you become a #leerkrachtBXL (#teacherBXL) too
In 2022, we encouraged plenty of lateral entrants into education, like Tobias. He worked in a different sector, but is now going for a career switch as a teacher.

Music connects young and old
Sing 4.0, an interactive classical concert. Children listen, watch and move along to the music. Meanwhile, residents of care centres are also enjoying it via a livestream. Music connects young and old.

Every young person's voice counts 
Cinema Cachet features young people who interacted with youth support, such as Hariette. This is how they inspire other young people, support services, public opinion and policy.

Enhancing Dutch and valuing home languages 
Multilingual pupils like the fact that schools enhance Dutch as well as valuing home languages. The online platform 'Brussel Vol Taal' supports schools in this.

We do it for the people of Brussels 
We invest in schools, childcare, well-being and health infrastructure, cultural, youth and sports infrastructure. More than 1,200 employees work for the people of Brussels every day.


Brussels gives children and adolescents space

Brussels gives children and adolescents space

Brussels is a child- and youth-friendly city. Children and adolescents are given space and a voice of their own. Vulnerable children deserve extra attention.
Brussels brings people together

Brussels brings people together

We seek to get all Brussels residents more involved in their city. In this way, we help strengthen our society of superdiversity. We also accelerate the fight against poverty.
Brussels cherishes talent

Brussels cherishes talent

Brussels residents can develop their talents to the fullest. The VGC supports schools and fosters lifelong learning. We focus on quality and on equal opportunities for everyone.
Brussels connects

Brussels connects

Brussels is a lively city where people feel connected to each other. We bring Brussels residents together in their neighbourhood, including elderly people. Our cultural initiatives are both local and global.
Brussels moves and cares

Brussels moves and cares

Brussels residents are the starting point for healthcare and well-being. We seek to bring care and well-being closer to each Brussels resident. And we want to encourage people to do sports, because sports are healthy and bring people together.

Brussels speaks many languages

Brussels speaks many languages

We contribute to building a multilingual Brussels. We support Dutch language learning in order to reinforce the development of all Brussels residents.

Brussels organises

Brussels organises

The VGC is a flexible and collaborative authority that pursues a sustainable policy based on reliable financial management and insights.

Our multi-year plan for 2022-2025: Working together to create Brussels

The College of the Flemish Community Commission (VGC) presents its first strategic multi-year plan. This ambitious plan brings together all aspects of VGC’s policy. The plan translates policy choices into concrete objectives and actions for the coming years.
The VGC collaborated with Brussels residents and invited everyone with an interest in Brussels’ current and future challenges to think about the challenges Brussels faces today and tomorrow . Read more on: “How did the multi-year plan  come into being?”

The VGC is there for you

With this plan, the VGC is addressing:

  • Dutch-speaking residents of Brussels
  • anyone who is interested in the Dutch-speaking network of services and facilities
  • everyone who spontaneously comes into contact with the N-network.