Corona: specific information for the cultural sector

The Flanders cultural desk is providing an Overview of coronavirus measures in Belgium. (update 30/04) .This includes information about an emergency fund for the cultural sector.

  • The Flanders cultural desk has a competent front office made up of jurists who are also available to provide individual advice by appointment on all aspects of business and legal affairs concerning art and cultural workers. They are currently offering a coronavirus line 02 534 18 24. This is available from Monday to Friday between 10.00 am and 6.00 pm.
  • Together with the Culture, Youth and Media department of the Flemish Government, they have also prepared a series of FAQs relevant to the cultural sector. (version 5 May 2020). This overview is also important for the audiovisual sector. (N.B.: If the version you see is not the most recent one, you need to empty the cache memory of your browser.)
    Here you will find answers about matters such as cancelling an event, compensation as an organiser, costs for staff and equipment, refunding tickets and who (up until now) is unfortunately not eligible for an allowance for loss of income.
  • A great deal of information for entrepreneurs, organisations (including non-profit associations), employers and self-employed workers is available on the Vlaio website. Here you will find answers to questions such as ‘What support measures can I apply for?’ or ‘Am I eligible for the coronavirus impediment allowance?’ or ‘What should I do as an employer if a member of staff is infected?’ Vlaio has also prepared a series of FAQs.
  • BKO/RAB is charting actions on Covid-19 and has set up a How does Covid-19 affect you? hotline. Have your assignments been cancelled, rehearsals interrupted, appointments put off? What effect do the measures have on your income and expenses? State of the Arts has opened a hotline for artists, cultural workers and other freelancers in the sector.
  • Coronavirus and businesses: the Brussels Region helps! An arsenal of regional measures has been introduced to centralise information, support and monitoring with regard to the virus, ease the economic consequences for the region and help SMEs and self-employed workers through this difficult period.

We would like to thank the Flanders cultural desk for all the information provided.

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